Bethany Andreth, the Fallen Paladin

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Bethany Andreth, the Fallen Paladin

Post by Bethany Andreth on Mon May 11, 2015 10:05 pm

Neither light nor dark can ever be destroyed. Only in balance will we find the peace we have so long desired" - Bethany Andreth.

(More extravagant than i'd have liked, but its best i could find)

Birthplace: Lordaeron.
Age: 25
Gender: Female.
Race: Forsaken (Human)
Marital status: Single.
Romantic preference: Bisexual.
Moral alignment: Neutral/Lawful Good.
Occupation: Cleric (former Paladin, retains some of the associated skills)
Languages known: Gutterspeak. Common. Orcish. -some- Eredun picked up while fighting Demons.

History - Humble beginnings.
Bethany Andreth began her life a Farmer's daughter. Her mother passed away giving birth to her younger sister, Lucy Andreth. Her father, suffered injury and was disabled, leaving the two sisters to tend the farm themselves. Bethany was the bookworm, she of course built up strength from long hours working the farm, but her real passion was in studying the Light and History, she long dreamed of being able to leave their insignificant village to become a priestess or paladin one day. But as we all know, one should be careful what they wish for....

Tides of change.
When the Orcs broke free, few in the Village that was home to the Andreths believed they were in real danger, but a Militia was formed. By this time, Bethany and Lucy both had been taken on as partial apprentices to the blacksmith. Bethany used this skill and her knowledge to supply the Militia, while Lucy joined up, much to Bethany's dismay. In the end, there were only six militiamen along with 'Sarge', a veteran soldier who was passing through and decided to help train them and had them build a palisade wall around the village.
For a time it seemed despite their find training, the Militia would go unused...then one day, a Farm-hand from an outlying farm came running in, bloody and half dead, screaming a warning about the oncoming Warsong clan. Panic ensued and the Militha rushed to evacuate the civilians. The palisade gave them one advantage. The only way into the village, were two narrow gates. 'Sarge' declared he needed a volunteer to hold the west gate while the village was evacuated and it was with tear filled eyes that Bethany watched none other than her sister, Lucy, step up to the plate despite every protest Bethany could muster.
Using herself as a crutch and praying as fervently as she could, Bethany reluctantly fled the village she had long called home and left her valiant sister to die buying time so that the rest could live. On this day, Bethany swore she would end the injustice of the world and upon reaching capital city with her father, made immediately for the nearest Temple.

Hammer and Anvil.
While her time training only lasted the few short months it took for Arthas to defeat the Scourge and pursue his Dreadlord Nemesis to his own dark fate in Northrend, Bethany progressed quickly, the memory of her Sister's sacrifice filling her with a passion and devotion that saw her training progress swiftly under the proud eyes of the Priests and Paladins and it was not long before she herself took up hammer and forged her armor and weapon as she ascended to the rank of Paladin. At least as far as she was told, when in reality, times we hard and they simply needed more devoted warriors on the front...not that she was not of worth, but she was simply told she was a Paladin when her training was far from being -truly- complete.
However, when the dark day of Arthas' fateful return came, Bethany's life would be turned upside down yet again.

Loss and Betrayal.
It was now that Bethany would suffer her greatest blow. She battled the Undead tirelessly alongside her fellow paladins but lost track of her Father in the chaos. Weeks passed and the Scourge's Dominion over the land grew....eventually, Bethany found herself separate and alone, battling members of the Cult of the Damned.
One of these tainted souls strode forwards, albeit with a limp, and removed his cowl. Bethany was struck down as she stared dumbfounded and broken at the face of her own father. Only a few minutes later, she arose, a prisoner in her own mind, an Undead servant of the Scourge. Her father the one to cast the spell.

Broken chains and Bolstered Hearts.
Bethany grew distant in her own mind....for months, she wallowed in despair, watching helplessly as her body was made a weapon with which to strike down the very people she had strived so hard to protect. She wanted to lash out at her cursed masters and make them pay for their deeds....little did she know that chance was fast approaching.
Upon the day of the Dreadlords turning on Arthas, Bethany felt his control slip at last. With a cry of anguish and joy such as only one freed from such utter enslavement can know, Bethany willed her chains broken and fled into the forests at first desiring only vengeance and then to die, for she was a monster in her eyes....but there, she gazed on in awe at the sight of the Banshee Queen and her fallen Sisters come within inches of putting an end to Arthas once and for all.
Inspired by this sight...this proof that with free will, she could be more than a monster, Bethany pursued Sylvanas and her followers, and upon catching up with them at their new camp, pledged her undying loyalty to the Banshee Queen.

In pursuit of balance.
Now, as one of the Forsaken, Bethany strives endlessly to prove that Forsaken are not beasts and monsters. She has again taken up hammer and armor and fights against evil forces, lending her aid where it is needed. Her goal giving her purpose...the memory of her sister inspiring her and the memory of her father's betrayal stoking the flames of holy vengeance in her heart.
Thus does she now wander, seeking those of like mind to show the people of Azeroth that with Arthas' death, the Forsaken have cast off their shackles entirely and will rise to be a great and united people, just as they once were in life and not the mindless killers the Scourge wished them to be.
Bethany Andreth

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